Our School Background…

Welcome to BLDEA’s Public School. A School that truly takes education beyond classrooms. Today’s education is no more defined by boundaries. Knowledge today is shared globally irrespective of time, distance, geography or language through technology platform. Children of today need an education that prepares them to meet the challenges of the competitive world. While academic strength is essential to survive, they need excellent communication skills, understanding of global culture and its appreciation, a good character, an attitude to be lifelong learner and contribute in a positive way to the society at large. Ethics and etiquettes, morals and discipline, values and culture, need to be ingrained into them at young age to mould them into good human being who are capable of taking the world in their stride.

At BLDEA’s, we aim to provide high quality of education in a supportive learning environment. We believe that every child is different and has to be provided an opportunity to succeed in his/her own way. We bring out the leadership skills in children and train them to be confident, capable and responsible citizens of tomorrow. We proudly mention BLDEA’s Public School believes in the following statement

“We don’t speak about the change. 

We make the change”


Our Vision

“To empower our students with modern Education based on Indian Education and heritage to transfer their potentialities into realities.”

Our Mission

“Educating students qualitatively, holistically and ethically for developing the latest skills and competitive world with confidence.”